Uncluttered and Reorganized: Bathroom Space Saver Tips Uncluttered and Reorganized: Bathroom Space Saver Tips

Bathrooms are both functional and necessary, but they are often also in dire need of space saving features. Here are some tips to consider.

Measure First

What looks great in the store may be completely unusable in your bathroom. Measure the dimensions for space saver cabinets, vanities, and etageres that will go in your bathroom. Always measure twice, just to be sure.

Calculate Your Storage Needs

Determine what needs to be store in the bathroom and how much space those items will require. Decide whether you have sufficient storage space. The answers will help you determine your space saver storage needs in the bathroom so that room will be uncluttered and organized.

Consider Unique Combinations

Over-toilet etageres, shelves, and cabinets are all great choices. Consider all types of bathroom storage options for maximum storage capability.

Coordinate Style

Make sure your space saver storage items blend with the rest of the decor décor. Chrome doesn't go with wood. Some storage are more effective than others.

Upkeep is Important

Consider that bathroom storage units will require a certain amount of upkeep, cleaning, and maintenance. Know what will be required and determine if it is something you can commit to doing regularly. Polishing chrome and glass takes time. The same is true for wood. Ceramic tile becomes filled with grime. Every material has different cleaning requirements. Know them in advance and choose something that works for you

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