Underlayment Underlayment

An underlayment is a layer of material that is placed on top of the subfloor before a new floor is installed. It really helps keep the floor level when you lay down the next part of the floor. Underlayment is used for laminated or wood floors and usually comes in large sections.

• Step 1: Make sure the subfloor is level. Sand down any areas that are too high and fill in any areas that are low.
• Step 2: Start in a corner and lay down the underlayment. Make sure it is even with the walls and that the edges come closely together.
• Step 3: Cut the underlayment with a utility knife to make it even with the opposite walls and corners and dispose of the extra material.
• Step 4: Screw the underlayment to the subfloor, taking care to ensure that the screws are below the surface level so they won't stick up.

Different Types of Underlayment

There are several different types of underlayment, and you want to make sure that you are using the right kind for the job. The types of underlayment are foam, foam/film, sound reducing, and cork. If you are working in a kitchen or bathroom you will want to make sure you are using a foam/film underlayment for moisture, and the sound reducing types are good for upper levels.

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