Undermount Kitchen Sinks Undermount Kitchen Sinks

Undermount kitchen sinks are on the rave now and it’s easy to see why. Rather than having to worry about jamming crumbs into the cracks of the sink you can simply wipe them into it. Installing undermount kitchen sinks is a little bit of a task, however, it can be completed by you with some basic tools. The first task is getting a sink and selecting one with the features you want. Some sinks will require more drilling for soap dispensers or a sprayer. After that you are ready to learn how to install undermount kitchen sinks.

Installing Undermount Kitchen Sinks

  • If you have a saber saw and a keyhole saw you can make the cuts needed for the sink yourself rather than hire someone to do it.

  • The second step is to fasten the sink to the counter top. Make sure that you clean everything that you’ve drilled with rubbing alcohol. Skipping this little detail can mean long term problems for undermount kitchen sinks as bacteria can corrode the metal.

  • The next step is to seal it perfectly. This is best done with latex or plumber’s putty. Remember too much is not bad. You can always wipe off the extra but you don’t want to have to reset the sink, so make sure that every inch of the perimeter is covered.

  • Finally attach the mounting screws and the sink drain.


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