Understanding Hot Tub pH Levels

In controlling your hot tub pH levels, you must check the pH of your tub from time to time, particularly as there is a variation between water types in different parts of the country. The pH can also be affected by whether you use municipal or well water, and all of these differences mean it is not always easy to get a consistent hot tub pH level. Using tools to manage your pH levels will help you to keep your hot tub working efficiently for years.

pH Levels

In order to work out the correct hot tub pH level, you need to find out both the pH and TA levels. You can use a simple kit to test for these. Dip the relevant part of the test kit into the water and then read the results off the chart. The chart should show whether your hot tub pH is too high, too low or just right. You can then treat the water in the hot tub. A test done afterward can ensure you have corrected the imbalance (if you had one). Once you achieve the right level of pH in your water, it is still a good idea to test every so often.

Different Levels

If the level of pH in your water is too low, you may find you are encouraging bacteria to settle into your hot tub. A low hot tub pH level can be treated by adding a chemical into the water to correct it. You can find this chemical at your local swimming pool and hot tub center.

If the level is too high, you need a different chemical which will reduce the acidity. You should also consider whether the TA level is too high, prompting the pH to increase. If this is the case, you will need to do some other kinds of operations.

Whatever the results of your test, give this information to your local store, which should be able to recommend a product which will help to solve any problems.

Tips After Treating

Once you have treated the pH level of your tub, you will need to allow a short period before you retest. This waiting period will allow the water to recirculate and carry the chemicals around the tub.

If you are receiving fluctuating results, try testing in several different places in the tub during the same day. This will give you an estimate of the overall hot tub pH levels. You should then be able to form an idea of what treatment is necessary.

If you find that you are still getting very high pH even after you have added some chemicals to the water, you should first check for mold and other organisms in the pool. Change your water completely and allow the new water to settle for several days before you test again.