Understanding the Limited Security with a Screen Door Lock

Over the years, a security screen door lock has become a necessity in many homes across the country. Screen doors may have multiple purposes, including keeping out small animals and insects from the house to keeping out thieves and intruders. In areas prone to storms and violent weather conditions, a screen door doubles as storm doors.

Screen Door Locking System

Although screen doors are generally designed to keep small animals and insects out of your home, some types of screen doors come with secure locking system that are difficult to pick, and they are quite reliable when it comes to keeping out thieves and intruders. These types of screen doors also come with strong hinges that prevent intruders from removing the entire door to gain entry. However, if you are using mesh type screens made of thin wires, having a reliable screen door lock may not be enough to ward off thieves and intruders. Screens made of thin wires are easy to cut using a sheer cutter, so it will only take minutes for thieves and intruders to cut the wires and enter your home.

Screen Storm Door Lock

Most types of screen storm door locks attached to aluminum doors provide light to medium safety features. During violent storms, light aluminum screen door locks may not be able to withstand an onslaught of wind.