Understanding the Working Parts of a Deep Fryer

The different deep fryer parts all work together to ensure you have the best fried food. Knowing the deep fryer parts and how they work will help you understand the process of deep frying. There actually aren’t that many deep fryer parts: it’s really a very simply piece of machinery.

Heating Element

One of the most important deep fryer parts is the heating element. This is what takes the power and transfers it into the heat that makes the oil in the deep fryer hot. Given the volume of oil to be heated to a high temperature, the unit needs a good strong heating element.

Ideally you should be able to replace this quite easily in the event that it fails or burns out for some reason. The heating element will be located under the basket of the deep fryer.


The thermostat is what regulates the temperature of the oil. While the heating element heats it, the thermostat controls when the heating element should cut off and come back on so that the oil remains at the temperature that’s been set, either set internally or on the control panel.

If the thermostat goes bad then the oil can just keep heating which can end up with the food being overcooked and even in a fire if the oil becomes too hot. In general you’ll be able to make adjustments to the desired temperature from the control panel.

Control Panel

The control is the one of the deep fryer parts that you really see. This lets you make the adjustments you need for the food you’re cooking and the oil you’re using, as different oil has different smoke points. As you use the deep fryer oil will gather on the control panel. It’s in your own interest to keep this clean and free of all the grease so the controls don’t slip and you keep oil off your hands when you use them.

Knowing how the controls on the deep fryer operate enables you to obtain the most from the unit. You can find the details on operating the deep fryer from the manual that comes with the appliance.


As you cook the oil breaks down, and small piece of food will break off. Having a good filter on the deep fryer helps to keep the oil cleaner, so the food you cook tastes better. These days most deep fryers come with a filter as a standard deep fryer part. If you’re shopping for a new deep fryer, make sure it comes with a filter, and that you can easily clean the filter.


Many deep fryers have a lid. Although this means that you can’t see the food as it fries, making it hard to judge exactly when it’s done (if you close the lid when you’re using the unit). When you’re not using the deep fryer, the lid keeps the inside cleaner, preventing anything alien from dropping in. Always look for a deep fryer with a lid.