Understanding Washer Dryer Size Ratings

When purchasing a washer dryer, you will be faced with information regarding the washer dryer size. Some single person households can get away with a much smaller capacity machine than a family with many members. When shopping remember that the machine's size refers to its capacity.

Sizes Vary from Washer to Dryer
The washer size will be smaller than the dryer size. Dryers need more cubic feet of space to allow the clothing to toss around and have room to tumble. Washers, especially front loading washers, are able to use every square foot of space.

An extra-large capacity washer should have 3.8 to 4.0 cubic feet of space. There are super capacity washers that can handle 6.5 to 7.5 cubic feet. Most of the time you will need two dryer loads to accommodate that many items of clothing.

Check Capacity on Both Washers and Dryers
Don’t forget to check out the capacity of both machines. The dryer should be able to keep up with a large capacity machine and dry at an equal level. This ensures that you get your laundry done in the most efficient way possible. For example, a 3.5 cubic food washer would need a dryer of approximately 7 cubic feet to handle the entire load of laundry.

Taking the time to understand the information given to you about the appliances that you buy will help you make the best decision for your household.