Understated Style: Subtle Accents and Ornaments for Home Understated Style: Subtle Accents and Ornaments for Home

Sometimes the most sophisticated nuances of any home décor are in the subtle accents and props that create design harmony. Décor that is interesting as it is beautiful can be achieved by maintaining a comfortable balance between the look and function of a room. The following text can help to ornament your home and garden with accents and design that are both subtle and sophisticated.

Style around the home is ultimately a personal concept. After all, it's your room, your house - you should strive to create an environment that interests and suits you and your family. Yet no matter what type of décor style you employ, choosing accents and ornaments that enhance without overpowering will make for a room that is elegant, inviting and livable.

Wall art, whether prints or original works, are entirely reflective of personal taste. Yet whether taste runs to portraits or landscapes, seascapes or abstracts, most of these require frames and mats. Similar frames can help tie the walls together. Identical frames, however, may convey a more impersonal look that, while uniform, may not be ultimately welcoming. But again, much depends on personal taste. If you choose black lacquer frames, consider pictures of various sizes for your frames.

Fabric is an inviting component of any room. From wall tapestries to area rugs, fabric comes in many types of materials and designs. Neutral colors and earth tones provide a great backdrop for other patterns displayed on furniture, draperies or pillows. Ivory, sage green, and cocoa are elegant choices that pair well with other colors and natural materials. Take care when adding draperies to consider the space and balance of the room. Heavy draperies tend to make a room appear smaller. Light and airy draperies may not do a grand expanse justice.

Small tapestries, embroidered table scarves, linen tablecloths and well-fitting slipcovers are ideal fabric accents. Fabric can also be changed seasonally - use rust, red, gold, and orange for fall and blue, yellow, rose and green for spring and summer, for instance. White mantle scarves help to soften a fireplace, and table scarves protect tabletops from scratching from various items like picture frames and candleholders. Soft throws in rich colors draped over couches and chairs provide extra comfort and a hospitable look.

When it comes to understated props for the living room, consider placing various books around the room - large coffee table books on interesting subjects such as travel or gardening will serve guests something beyond simple décor. For bookcases, consider simple granite or carved soapstone bookends. Glass vases, either clear or colored, also go well in most rooms - opt for unusual shapes for greater interest. Candles and elegant candleholders are also useful ornaments.

Lamps and lampshades also provide individual style for rooms. Floor lamps and table lamps for the living room and den are essential features. You can create a sophisticated lamp by changing the shade or recovering it with luxurious fabric, cording and perhaps even some fringe. Be sure to carefully consider light fixtures as well. There are many to choose from, but anything too big for your room will detract from good balance.

No matter what accents and ornaments you consider, try to choose them as well made as is affordable. Less is better than more. Too many props will make a room seem cluttered. You ornamentation will stand out better if it is not overpowered by too many other features. Earth tones and natural materials like wood and stone will additionally add elegance that is most welcoming to family and friends. Natural materials, especially for patios and gardens, make for a seamless blend between the interior and the outdoors.

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