Unique Look with Frosted Glass Tile Unique Look with Frosted Glass Tile

There's nothing new about frosted glass but not many people utilize frosted glass tile to create unique looks in their decor. This article will provide some ideas on how frosted glass tile can be used to enhance your decor.

Picture Frame Mirror

A mirror can be a dead space in the home but that doesn't always have to be the case. Boring mirrors are found in the bathroom and usually they have no frame. Install different colored frosted glass tile around the mirror to give it color and to break up the monotony.


The areas behind the sink in the bathroom or the kitchen are often forgotten about as a design point. Metal, porcelain and glass is often used as a backsplash. Instead of typical colored glass use frosted glass tile instead.

Floor Accents

Glass floor tiles are a beautiful choice in your kitchen or bathroom. These tiles are often one note but that can change by placing small designs using frosted glass tile in the floor. Alternate colors and patterns within the floor.


A traditional suncatcher is usually stained glass. Choose several frosted glass tiles and drill holes in the top center and attach string. Hang from branches and let the sun do the rest.

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