Unique Valance Ideas For Patio Doors

Coming up with a unique valance for your patio doors is dependent upon the look you wish to create. First, when the blinds or drapes are pulled open, you want the view through the window framed somewhat by employing the use of a valance. You never want to obstruct that view. Plus, you probably do not want a pattern or color that stands out too much distracting from the view through the window. There are several types to consider when looking for a unique valance for your patio door.



A bright colored voile (lightweight and semi-sheer) would look good over a plain set of window blinds. Perhaps you can add a decorative edge or some beaded accent and attach the valance to a curtain rod and nail it in place over the window.


Country Kitchen Style

Many sliding patio doors are situated near the home’s kitchen sometimes taking their decorating cue from the nearby décor. A great idea for a patio door valance complimenting a country kitchen décor is to use gingham to accent the window. This can be accomplished using a tailored panel approach that would fit well with the window width.

Make sure you never create a valance that is deeper than 1/3 of the window so you do not obstruct any view.