Unsuitable Planting For Square Foot Gardening

When square foot gardening, be careful about what plants you select and how you arrange your plants. When planning, consider the size to which each plant will grow and the techniques required for its propagation. Plants that grow extremely large are generally not suitable for square foot gardening because they will dominate the space for the neighbors' roots. Plants that are susceptible to cross pollination issues should also be kept apart.

Avoid Artichokes in Your Square Foot Garden

Do not include artichokes in your square foot garden as most species grow into large plants that can easily overwhelm a gardening box. However, if you have a 4x4 box to dedicate to your artichokes, then they will thrive in this type of garden. In this case you will want to plant one artichoke plant per 2 square foot plots.

Don’t Mix Berry Plants

Avoid is mixing berry plants in the same box container. This is because berry plants spread out via an active root system under the ground. They can easily spread underground to areas of your square foot garden where you have planted another berry plant. This can also lead to cross-pollination, so you end up with blackberry-raspberries or huckleberry-blueberries hybrids.