Update Your Decorative Ceiling Fan Update Your Decorative Ceiling Fan

The decorative ceiling fan is in vogue in the modern era. Gone are the days when people would be satisfied with just any fan that can help in air circulation. Today, people are overwhelmed with choices since there are a number of designer fans that can help decorate your piece of paradise.

Blades of the Fan

Does your fan still have the old fashioned, plain looking, boring blades? Well, it is time for a change. The blades are available in various shapes and designs. You have blades that resemble a palm leaf and those that look like the leaves of the banana plant. There are blades that have beautiful designs intricately painted on them too. They are thin and light weight thus enabling better air circulation.

Ceiling Fan Downrods

The downrods of a fan have evolved from being just simple looking rods to highly decorative pieces. In addition to providing support for the fan, they also enhance its visual appeal. They are available in various sizes and colors to match everyone’s requirements and budget.

Designer Hubs

The hubs of the fan are no more limited to just holding the blades on to them. They also come with lights and other accessories that make the fan a multi-functional product.

It is time for you to update the look of your decorative ceiling fan by opting for a change in these accessories to complete the contemporary and stylish look of your house.

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