Upgrade Your Front Door: 6 Ideas Upgrade Your Front Door: 6 Ideas

The first thing that most people will see on your house is your front door. To make a good first impression, it makes sense to think about improving it now and again.

Door Furniture

If your door furniture is not coordinated, that can be your first improvement. Have the door handle, door knocker, bell push, lock plates, and letter box (if you have one) made in the same metal; Brass is always impressive.

Name Plate

Install a nameplate to announce who you are. Get one to match the rest of your door furniture.

Welcome mat

A welcome mat is always appreciated.

Porch light

If your front door has a porch without a light, install a porch light with an illuminated button for guests to switch on if you have forgotten.

Paint it

If your door is looking a little dull, give it a coat of gloss paint to pick it up again.

Fan Light

If your front door is solid wood, install a fan light to allow the warm light from indoors to shine on your visitors as they wait for the door to be opened.

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