Upgrade Your Tech Skills with These Free Sites

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Education can get expensive, and in a world where you are expected to be able to learn new skills quickly, you may not have time for a traditional class. If you're interested in brushing up on your tech skills for your career, or just for fun, there are tons of free resources available to you.

Harvard and MIT Online Learning

Though taking a free online Harvard course doesn't get you the title of Harvard grad, it does help you level up in the tech field. Any chance for free education is one to jump at, especially coming from a prestigious school. Harvard's free online education classes cover pretty much every tech subject under the sun, which means there's a class for everyone. Likewise, MIT's free course catalog covers a huge range of topics, with free materials from one of the top technical schools in the world.


If you want to learn about IT and how to implement it in every way from security to game design, start with Alison.com. Alison offers two types of courses — shorter, less in-depth classes, and longer classes that earn you certifications. Because Alison offers a really expansive course list, you can learn about everything from data science to software engineering and mobile app development. The courses break down the information into digestible sections so your head isn't left spinning.

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If you are interested in learning UX or UI, head on over to skillshare asap. There is a free version of Skillshare and a paid version, both of which are pretty incredible (and even the paid version is very affordable). This platform is great because you have infinite amounts of information at your fingertips and you can go at your own pace. Skillshare also makes sure you have the resources you need to actually implement what you're learning in the real world.


We're not crazy for suggesting this with a few stipulations. YouTube has long been heralded as a great place to learn new things, and that is one hundred percent true. A quick search on YouTube can bring thousands of tech videos right to your screen for free. As you find niche-specific tech videos though, do a little digging on the creator and make sure they are qualified to be sharing information. You don't want to waste an hour watching a coding video only to find out that the creator doesn't really know anything about coding.

Khan Academy

If English isn't your first language, Khan Academy might be a good option for you. Translated into quite a few different languages, Khan's non-profit education goal helps students get a real IT and tech education. Khan actually uses YouTube videos to teach their classes, and the courses are made specifically to be a crash course in the tech subject you're interested in. You aren't going to get a full four-year education out of these handy videos, but they're definitely in-depth enough that you can easily master a new tech skill.

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Harvard, MIT, and a few other major teaching institutions got together and created this fun little brainchild. The tech classes offered here are university-level tech classes that are free for you to access. EdX operates more like a traditional school or online schooling experience. You will learn via video, but you will have a textbook and assignments and a class of fellow online learners to interact with and learn from. At the end of the class, you will receive a certificate, and if you're lucky, that certificate just might get you out of another college class in the future — though that really depends on the institution.

As you pursue your online tech education, make sure you set yourself up for success. Create a home office space where you can concentrate. Make sure the space is clean and organized. We're snackers, so we also recommend getting some healthy snacks ready to fuel your study sesh. You'll want to set time aside daily or weekly to tackle your classes. If you find yourself getting stuck, give networking a try. Industry pros, as a general rule, love helping newcomers out and pointing them in the right direction.