Upgrades Under $1,000 to Increase Your Home's Value

Whether you’re planning to renovate a house for your own enjoyment, for a future sale, or to add curb appeal, improving it with upgrades will increase its value. While a major renovation can run into the thousands of dollars, there are many projects available that can be completed with a $1,000 budget. The following list of upgrades will help get you started on planning your next project.


A wall being painted yellow with a paint roller.

An easy and rewarding project for any home is a new paint job. Add a splash of color with a new coat of paint in every room to make a refreshing statement. Also, consider painting the molding a complimentary color to highlight the walls. An accent wall is an additional option to bring color and creativity to a room.

Wallpaper is another alternative to changing the look of any room, but is isn’t the only method available for upgrading interior walls or ceilings. Choose from a variety of materials including metal ceiling tiles, bamboo or cork mosaics, faux stone, wood paneling, stainless steel laminates, manufactured veneer stone, and leather panels.

Make use of empty wall space by adding a series of shelving to use for displays, storage, or to organize your home office.

Home décor is also important. For walls with artwork, consider adding new frames and rearranging the display. A collage of antique mirrors displayed on a wall not only creates a point of interest, but it also makes the room look larger and, if placed near a window, reflects sunshine and brightens the room.


A wood front door on a porch.

A new front door can make a serious first impression. Choose a style that works well with the architecture of your home. After installation, paint it an eye-catching color that compliments the exterior paint.

If you have a garage, start by decluttering and recycling unwanted items and then install cabinets, shelves, and bins for storage. Not only will the extra storage provide more room, but it also makes the garage a more useful area for working on DIY projects.

Mold and mildew ages a house and diminishes any curb appeal you may be trying to achieve. Hire a professional and have the exterior pressure washed. Include other areas prone to dirt and debris buildup including the driveway, patios, and sidewalks.


A close-up of a sleek towel bar in a bathroom.

The bathroom is probably the most used room in any house. With this in mind, there are several areas that can be upgraded for a completely new look. A big improvement in energy efficiency is with the installation of a water-saving toilet. Take it a step further with energy efficient fixtures for the shower and bathtub. Or, add a new sink and vanity. Accessories play a large part in upgrading the bathroom. Along with new paint, replace the mirror, add cabinet or shelf storage on unused wall space, replace towel bars, update the door knob, and re-tile the floor.


A tiled kitchen back splash.

The kitchen is another busy room with multiple opportunities for upgrading. Starting with the sink area, replace the old one and install updated faucets with a sprayer and add color and class with a tiled backsplash. Refinishing or replacing cabinet fronts and replacing the cabinet hardware breathes new life into storage areas while keeping the cost within your budget. New flooring, a portable work island, and upgraded appliances are additional upgrades to enhance the value of your home’s kitchen.

Other Areas

If a room has older carpet, consider having it replaced with laminate or tile. For homes with hardwood floors, have them refinished. Also, don’t forget about the water heater. With a lifespan of around 15 years, it may be time for an energy efficient replacement.

By choosing projects wisely with a small investment in time and a budget of $1,000, you can add a new and inspired face to interior or exterior areas that will increase the value of your home.