Upholstered Chairs: How to Make Them Last

If you have a taste for luxury objects, but don’t have too much money to invest on your home décor items, upholstered chairs and other furniture is the perfect choice for you. They are more comfortable than hard wood furniture. This and their low cost is the reason behind the popularity of upholstered furniture. Among different types of upholstered furniture items, the chair faces the maximum risk of getting damaged. There are some very simple steps that should be followed to ensure that upholstered chairs last long.

Use Cushion Covers

The best way to elongate the life of the cushions in your upholstered chair is to protect the cushions with some kind of covering. An external covering can go a long way in safeguarding your chairs from stains or smoke, which can be detrimental for the overall health of the chairs.


If you don’t prefer to use external covers you can try vacuuming your upholstered chairs at regular intervals. Regular vacuuming will keep away dust mites and allow the cushions to remain clean and healthy. This, in turn, will increase the life of the chairs considerably.

Keep Stain Removers Handy

The fabric used on the cushions of the upholstered chairs is usually resistant to different kinds of stains and liquid. However, as an additional precaution, avoid any liquid spills getting absorbed by the cushion cover. Use very mild stain removers on the affected area to clean it. Rubbing or scrubbing the cushion can lead to discoloration of the fabric.

Use Anti-Scratch Spray and Avoid Sunlight

Overexposing the upholstered chairs to the rays of the sun can lead to color fading. It can also make the chair weak, if it is made on a wooden frame. If you have pets at home try using an anti-scratch spray on your upholstered furniture to prevent any scratching marks.

It is good idea to rotate furniture’s to avoid damage caused by sunrays. Try keeping your upholstered chairs away from any kind of smoke. Smoke generally leaves a foul smell and stain on the furniture, which is almost impossible to remove.

Keep in mind, however, that all types of furniture come with a shelf life and if the damage is beyond your capability to amend then calling a professional is a good option. If only the cushion of your upholstered chair is damaged you can use new cushions on the old frame. Using new cushions can bring back the new appeal in your chair.