Upholstered Cornice Boards Upholstered Cornice Boards

Upholstered cornice boards are design elements that are placed over a window or group of windows.  They can vary in appearance, however, most cornice boards will cover curtain rods for draperies that extend below.

A Design Element

Cornice boards can actually work as a focal point in a room.  They are large and beautiful and can be customized to work with any design aesthetic.  In fact, you can select a fabric for your cornice board and create the rest of the design plan for the room.  Cornice boards also hide curtain rods and window casings.  You can hang draperies from behind the cornice board without having to perfectly mount the rods.

A Simple Procedure

If you want to make a cornice board yourself, you can follow this simple procedure.  First you will need to create the box from wood.  You will need to create the sides, the top, and the front.  These pieces of wood will be drilled and glued together.  You will then cover the box with batting and then begin to staple the fabric on.  Once the entire cornice board has been covered with the fabric, you will mount it with two L brackets.

That’s it.  Now that you know all about upholstered cornice boards, you can create a beautiful design element for any room of your house. 

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