Upholstered Headboard Ideas Upholstered Headboard Ideas

Trying to come up with appealing but easy to make headboard ideas may sometimes be difficult. Here we shall be discussing a few ideas which aim to combine decorative and practical purposes successfully when it comes to having an upholstered headboard.

A Simple Upholstered Headboard

Simplicity is sometimes best especially if you want to finish up the job quickly and spend little money. You may simply cut the necessary area from the headboard and fill up the open space with covered foam of the same size. You can cover the foam with a simple piece of fabric which features the same color of the room’s walls or soft furnishings. Otherwise, to be on the safe side should you wish to change the bedroom’s décor and color scheme in the future you could simply opt to cover up the foam with a plain color which will match with any other color, such as white, beige or black. This will avoid the need to reupholster the headboard in the future.

A Colorful Collage Headboard for Kids’ Beds

When it comes to creating an upholstered headboard for a kids’ bed the sky is your limit as you can be as creative as possible. The best way to go about it is to make a cut in the headboard where you can fill up with a soft cushion or foam. It is simple to affix it to the wood by using a staple gun. Then you can simply cover the cushion’s area with glue and start affixing pieces of fabric so as to make a colorful collage. These can be even more appealing for kids if you cut out animated characters and other popular personalities which kids love. You can practically stick anything you wish as long as you use good quality glue. It is also a good idea to place a transparent covering all over the finished job so as to protect the work, as obviously when the child rests his head against the headboard the pressure might cause the upholstered headboard to start deteriorating or fading a bit by time.

A Buttoned Headboard

A simple, yet pleasing idea is to create a buttoned headboard. All you need to do is to fix some colorful padded buttons all along the headboard’s area at intervals. Make sure to calculate equal spacing from one button to another so as to ensure a neat result. You can also use buttons to cover up the border of the headboard.

The Borders

It is quite common that the edges of the foam or batting will be overlapping once you insert it in the headboard’s gap. In order to ensure a neat result it is best to affix a border or ribbon so as to hide any edges, while also making the upholstered headboard even more appealing. The edging creates a very nice effect so do try to give it some thought and choose the right colors to bring out an even more striking end product.

These are some simple ideas to create your own upholstered headboard.

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