Upholstery Dry Cleaning vs. Steam Cleaning

Upholstery dry cleaning is essential to keeping your upholstered fabrics looking new and keeping them fresh. You do have the option of dry cleaning or steam cleaning. Here are comparisons to help you decided which method will work best for your upholstered fabrics.

1 - Steam Cleaning

This is the method that is usually recommended by the upholstery makers. This is because it deep cleans, as opposed to other methods that only clean the surface. In other words, if you have an upholstered chair, only steam cleaning will extract any dirt from beneath the upholstery fabric, removing the dirt from the padding below. This is also a preferred method because the dirt that is extracted is contained in a tank and will not allow it to fly around the air in your home.

2 - Dry Cleaning

The method has no drying time, which is a plus to many people. The upholstery is covered with a powder that is damp which contains detergent and a solvent. It is then rubbed into the surface to loosen debris, and then vacuumed out. As discussed above, this method will only clean the surface of your upholstery, but is a good option if your upholstery is not heavily soiled and you are just wanting to remove the dust and freshen the fabric.