Use Mirrors to Create an Illusion of Open Space

No matter what room you are working with, using a mirror not only adds a looking glass, it also creates the illusion of open space. Mirrors are customarily thought of as bathroom, closet and foyer fixtures. They are often found atop mantles as well. However, a mirror does not simply turn a wall into a reflection of whatever is in its path. A mirror is a portal into an illusory world. Let your imagination take that idea where it will, but there is a very practical side to it. In creating an illusion of extra space, it opens up any room, making it seem much larger than it actually is.

What a Mirror Adds

If it seems outlandish to suggest that a mirror can add depth and the illusion of open space to any room, go into a room that has a mirror, look around, then remove the mirror from the room entirely. The room will suddenly appear smaller and enclosed. Also, the wall that the mirror was hanging on will look bare and bland. Put the mirror back on the wall and notice how the room opens up again. A mirror acts like a doorway between rooms.

Although it is an illusion, it creates the idea that a room is more expansive, like it goes on indefinitely. This illusion will add depth to any space. It could be a bedroom, foyer, living room or den. Whereas smaller hanging mirrors act like window portals into imaginary space, full size mirrors that stretch from the floor up make a room seem grand. Mirrors are not just for gazing into, although that is certainly one of their features. Their decorative value extends beyond that into the realm of space enlargement.

Ideas for Mirror Layout

If your home has a mantle, a medium to large size mirror looks great hung atop it. It makes the living room feel larger and reflects the ambient light of a Christmas tree or table lamps in the evening. Other decorations can flank it, but a mirror above a mantle is preferable to a picture or wall hanging.

A hutch or built-in cabinet for fine China or books oftentimes has a space ideal for a narrow mirror. It may be set back beneath the cabinets at eye level when you sit down at the dinner table. Like the mantle mirror, a built-in mirror opens the dining room up. Rather than have plain wood or wallpaper, add a mirror and make the space feel enlarged.

Mirrors are not just for bathroom medicine cabinets, vanities or the inside of closet doors. They can and should be used as an element of interior design. They are attractive additions to your family room or den, dining room and anywhere in the house where there is empty space and a cramped feeling. Mirrors open up a room without the need for tearing down walls. It may be imaginary, but a mirror makes a room seem twice as big as it is, making it the perfect accessory for any size home.