Use PVC Pipe for Your Irrigation Needs

A PVC irrigation pipe is ideal for your garden irrigation system. PVC is very cheap if you compare it with other solutions found on the market, and you will easily realize that a PVC irrigation system is also a good choice because it is effective. In this article, we shall go over some information and tips about using PVC pipe for your garden irrigation system.

Underneath-the-Soil Installation

PVC pipes are ideal to bury beneath the soil so that you can avoid having unsightly water pipes running along the surface of the garden. PVC irrigation pipes are made of hard, durable material so that they can withstand any weather and humid and moist environments, such as underneath the soil.

PVC Pipe as the Main Lateral (in a Garden Sprinkler System)

A PVC irrigation pipe can be used as a main lateral. This is much more cost efficient because you won’t need any extra equipment to control your sprinklers, accept a battery-operated controller. Once you have installed the PVC pipe, just attach the sprinklers normally, that is, by securing them to an elbow and a swivel tee and so on.


A PVC irrigation system doesn’t need a lot of maintenance. Obviously, you have to make spot checks every so often to ensure proper workings, but you don’t need to call in a professional to do such maintenance because it is quite easy to disassemble the faulty part and install a new one. The drawback of PVC is that it tends to crack over time and you will have to replace it altogether. Otherwise, if you patch it, it will continue to crack in other places. Therefore, it is far better to replace it when this occurs.

Swivel or Glue

These days, PVC irrigation pipes, especially elbows, can be bought in a swivel design. A swivel eliminates the need to use glue on every connection you make with PVC ends, making it time efficient and easier to install. The swivel solution is just a little bit more expensive than normal PVC but far more advantageous.

Bending PVC

PVC can also be bent, giving you freedom in how and where to use it. This is a major advantage, especially when you are using PVC as an irrigation pipe for your garden because it decreases the number of elbows to be used.

As you can see, there are various advantages when you opt for a PVC garden irrigation system. It is not very difficult to install, and if you follow the above guidelines and the manufacture’s instructions properly, you can do it successfully.