Use PVC to Build an Affordable Trellis Use PVC to Build an Affordable Trellis

Build a trellis with PVC pipe for around $20 and increase your garden’s yield, adding vertical space and providing sturdy support for climbing plants. A 2-foot by 6-foot trellis requires no measuring or cutting!

You’ll Need:

Nine 2-foot lengths of ¾-inch PVC pipe

Two ¾-inch PVC elbows

Four ¾-inch PVC tees

Polyurethane or PVC glue (optional)

Spray paint (optional)

How to Build it:

Step 1. Choose a large, flat workspace – outdoors if you’ll be working with paint or glue.

Step 2. Join two lengths of pipe with a tee.

Step 3. Add a third length of pipe with another tee. One side is done!

Step 4. Build the second side with three lengths of pipe and the remaining two tees.

Step 5. Lay the sides on the ground, tee holes facing inward.

Step 6. Make a “ladder” by joining the sides with two lengths of pipe.

Step 7. At the top, insert an elbow on each side and connect the sides with the last piece of pipe.

You can put your trellis in the ground right away or you can add extra strength by securing each joint with glue. Although the trellis will eventually be filled with foliage, you can hide any printing and add design flair by spray painting the finished trellis with a product that bonds to plastic.

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