Use These Types of Fertilizer for a Safe Home Use These Types of Fertilizer for a Safe Home

Trying to use a safe fertilizer is crucial in any home or garden, and even more so if children and pets are involved. Most fertilizers contain chemicals and other artificial additives which although may prove effective against bugs and insects, are usually significantly hazardous for human beings and animals.

This is even more dangerous if children touch or accidentally put in their mouths any item which has been exposed to the fertilizer. This also applies to pets. Furthermore there are several fertilizers which pose risks even when inhaled. In order to avoid such risks it is important to choose and use fertilizers which are safer.

Organic Fertilizers

Organic fertilizers are the best kinds of fertilizers when it comes to safety considerations. Organic fertilizers are made up from natural elements including organic compost, and by-products arising from plants and animals. Organic fertilizers are known to be effective since they rely on the nutrients found in them and which are developed further through a bacterial process when they are applied to the soil. Since they are made up from natural components these types of fertilizers are not poisonous and are therefore safe for the human being and animals.

Homemade Fertilizers

Homemade fertilizers are not only easy and cheap to make up but also have the advantage of being safe. Homemade fertilizers are made up from food leftovers and plant residuals. You can easily make up a substantial amount of homemade fertilizer by accumulating fruit and vegetables’ peelings, rinds and pieces. If added with leaves, dry wood, foliage and straw the amount will increase further.

Upon accumulating a substantial amount you can then follow a process of mixing them well together and storing them in the right conditions. Through a natural process these will then automatically decompose and cause nutrients to compose, which will be of benefit to the soil or wherever the fertilizer is applied. Since these kinds of fertilizers are made up from natural materials as the ones mentioned above, there are no hazardous chemicals or additives involved anywhere in the process. Besides, these homemade fertilizers are not only cheap but also noted for their effectiveness.

Other Homemade Gardening Strategies

There are also various homemade alternatives which can control insects and weed problems. If these repellents and controllers were to be purchased they would be made up from artificial additives and dangerous chemicals. Hence it is best to use homemade methods made up from ingredients you can easily find in any home so as to prevent such hazards, especially if kids and pets are involved. Some of these ingredients and ‘recipes’ which are known to be effective in these cases include vinegar, citrus oil, boiling water and other mixtures. There are various other suggestions and methods which are claimed to be successful.

Apart from being safe for the residents of your home, these fertilizers are much cheaper and also environmentally friendly. Hence it pays to make use of them both in terms of safety and money.

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