How to Use Wood Burning Stoves at Home

A majority of householders who heat with wood, use wood burning stoves.

Before getting a wood burning stove, it is important to check air pollution regulations in your area. The next thing that you should do is to gather information regarding safety measure and the manner in which you can derive the maximum advantage from wood burning stoves in your home.

Wood burning stoves can function properly only with a proper chimney. When planning for wood burning stoves, ensure that you have the right type and size of chimney. You may buy wood stoves from anywhere you want to, but make sure that the chimney is installed by a professional.

To derive maximum advantage from your stoves, place larger pieces of wood compactly. Compact placement of larger pieces ensures slow burning as there are fewer places where air can penetrate. Make sure that you place three or more pieces at a time.

Do not expect a steady heat output from wood burning stoves. Wood fires give best results only when they burn in cycles. A cycle starts with ignition of a new load and ends when it is reduced to the coal bed. Use shorter firing cycles when you are at home to tend the fire.

A flash fire or a small amount of wood burning quickly in wood burning stoves is best to take the chill off the room in spring or fall.

You can build longer lasting fire in wood burning stoves by raking the coals towards in the air inlets. Open the inlets fully for up to 20 minutes depending upon the fire load and moisture content of the wood.