Using Ceramic Tile in Your Home Using Ceramic Tile in Your Home

When people consider using ceramic tile, they usually think of this material as a floor covering. In reality, ceramic tile can be used for much more than just floors. It can be used to give a brand new look to a variety of surfaces in your home. The use of ceramic tile is really only limited by your imagination.

Backsplashes and Countertops: For areas that will take a lot of abuse and be exposed to moisture, like countertops and backsplashes, ceramic tile work can mean saving hundreds on replacing your original countertop. In many cases, ceramic tile can be applied directly to the old countertop. A color or design of your choosing will liven up your kitchen area, cover up a scratched or outdated countertop, and will last for years.

Bathroom Vanities: Much like kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities can begin looking old fast. However, a ceramic tiled bathroom vanity is easy to keep clean and ads class and visual interest to a drab bathroom. While you’re at it – consider tiling the bathroom with coordinating tiles to give it a coherent look.

Stair Risers: A flight of stairs with tile risers is a sophisticated look that gives an otherwise simply utilitarian area of the house a splash of sophisticated color. If building new stairs, it’s also possible to inlay tiles in wooden risers instead of tiling each entire riser. As you would need fewer tiles on a project like this than you would a floor or a wall, it’s often worth it to invest in specially made or custom tiles that will reflect your personality and style.

Woodstoves: Tiling around a woodstove has advantages beyond the aesthetic. Ceramic tiles around a woodstove will protect your floor from sparks or embers that may fly out of the woodstove. These woodstove hearths are also easy to keep clean and provide an obvious clearance around the woodstove that can be respected by members of the family for safety purposes.

Fireplace Hearths and Fireplaces: A fireplace that is used frequently should have a proper hearth, and ceramic tiles can make this area attractive and in keeping with your décor. In addition, many fireplaces are nothing more than decorative objects now that they are not required for heating rooms. These can be tiled accordingly, either with the intent of making them intricate pieces of art or with the purpose of downplaying their presence in the room.

Furniture: Tabletops, chairs, or shelving can be tiled with ceramic tiles. Patio furniture looks smart with tiled or mosaic surfaces. An end table or a coffee table with a tiled top can serve as an artistic conversation piece. Old pieces of furniture can become new, charming, and useful again with the use of ceramic tile. Modifications made to furniture with ceramic tile are usually fun, inexpensive project that can be done in a day or two.

When you need to refurbish, revamp, or recreate surfaces in your home, and obvious choice of materials is ceramic tile. Not only does ceramic tile come in any color, style, or size needed, it is also durable, easy to clean, and easy to install. A trip to your favorite home improvement centers can give you some options when you are trying to decide what ceramic tile to use for your next project. A variety of surfaces can take tile work – so be creative and consider using tile around your home.

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