Used 4x4 Pickup: How to Install a Truck Bed Cover Used 4x4 Pickup: How to Install a Truck Bed Cover

What You'll Need
Socket wrench

One of things that’s great about your used 4x4 pickup is that you can haul around all your gear in the bed. However, if the bed of your truck is uncovered everyone can see what you have and get to it too easily. The other problem is that your cargo can fly out of the bed or get damaged by bad weather when you're on the road.  A good solution is to install a truck bed cover. You can choose either a hard cover or a soft cover. One popular type of hard cover folds to allow for easy access to your cargo. One top-of–the-line options is a hinged cover with a remote control. Soft covers roll up into a canister next to the cab when not in use. A hard cover model is the best defense against thieves, but if convenience matters more than security you might opt for a soft cover.  Now we will take a look at installing a soft bed cover that locks.

Step 1 - Install the Rear Brackets

Place one of the rear brackets against the stake pocket. You will see three holes in the bracket. Place the bolt with the washer on it through one of the holes. Clamp the back of the bracket to the bed lip of the truck. Put the bolt into the clamp, keeping the clamp straight up and down while tightening. Insert the second bolt and washer. Install the other rear bracket in the same manner.

Step 2 - Install the Front Brackets

Put the front bracket along the inside of the side rail closest to the front of the truck bed. Attach the front brackets with a clamp as you did the rear brackets. Install the other front bracket in the same way.

Step 3 – Put on the Cover

Place the cover on the truck with the female hinges over the piece of metal that the hinge fits onto (tang). Now put split rings that come with the cover onto the hinge to hold the cover in place. Install split rings to ensure that the cover is secure and does not move forward.

Step 4 – Install the Hydraulic Struts

The larger end of the strut is attached to the cover and the hole on the other end is snapped into the ball stud on the rear bracket. Then it is held securely by a retaining clip.

Step 5 - Check the Fit

The flap should hang over the front edge of the truck bed and not be folded or rolled inside the cover. Close the cover and check to be sure there is a ¼ inch gap between the tailgate and the overlapping edge of the cover. If you need to make an adjustment you can move the front brackets. Check the locks. You should be able to lock the cover without pushing down on the cover.

Now you can protect your cargo and have some piece of mind during bad weather.

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