Used 4x4 Pickup: How to Repair a Broken Truck Bed

a red truck bed
  • 2-8 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 25-100
What You'll Need
Socket wrench and sockets
Impact wrench
2 large sturdy sawhorses

A used 4x4 pickup can be great for having some fun off road. But if your truck is out of commission due to a broken truck bed then getting that fixed is a top priority. If you need to remove the bed to make repairs you can easily do this yourself.

Step 1 – Remove Connections

To remove the bed you will have to unattach a few items. There is a grounding strap that is on the driver’s side toward the rear of the cab. Use a socket wrench to remove it. At the rear of the truck there will be a taillight harness. Disconnect the taillight harness from the rear block. All wiring on the bed should be disconnected. Remove the gas cap. Then use a socket wrench to remove the fasteners that hold the gas nozzle inside the gas door.

Step 2 – Unbolt the Bed

Go under the truck and find the large bolts that are holding the bed to the truck frame. Normally, there are bolts in each corner. You may want to use an impact wrench or power tool if the bolts are difficult to remove.

Step 3 – Lift off the Bed

Place two saw horses close to the truck and spaced apart to hold your truck bed. Lift the bed up over the frame and move it over the back of the truck. Check to see that everything is disconnected from the bed as you lift it up. Place the bed on the two sawhorses. You will need help with this step, as the truck bed can be very heavy. The idea is to invite three friends so that you will have one person on each corner.

Step 4 – Inspection and Repair

Inspect the bed for any broken or damaged parts. You now have a clear view of the truck’s chassis so you can check for any damage under the bed as well and repair it with the bed off the truck. Some possible problems may be damaged fuel lines, a problem with the frame, or body work on the rear of the cab or on the bed itself. While you have the bed off check the bed and cab for any signs of rust or salt damage. This is the best time to repair those and prevent further corrosion.

Step 5 – Replacing the Bed

Once the repairs are made lift the bed off the saw horses and place it back on the truck. Replace the gas nozzle and gas cap. Reinstall the grounding strap. Reinstall the large bolts. Finally, be sure to put the wiring back the way it originally was.

Repairing your truck bed is something that you can feel confident about doing. But you may have to summon up some patience to get you through the process.