Used Pool Slides: What You Should Know Used Pool Slides: What You Should Know

When buying a used pool slide, you must take into account a number of variables to ensure that it's a safe purchase. Purchasing a slide that will be as safe and long-lasting as it is fun should be high on your list of things to look for. Here are some things you will want to consider when shopping for a used pool slide for your pool this summer.

How Old Is the Slide?

Experts recommend that you should not buy a slide that is more than 5 years old. Many slides have about a 10-year lifecycle and if you are nearing the end of that period, not much value is left. Be sure to check the age of the slide and buy something less than 5 years old to ensure that you have plenty of time for it to be used.

Who is the Manufacturer?

Find out the manufacturer of the slide and research more information about the piece before you buy. If the company is out of business, do not buy the slide, as getting parts repaired will prove to be quite difficult. You can contact the company to help you reassemble the slide if needed and the manufacturer can often help you with other issues relating to your slide.

Where is it Coming From?

The farther the slide has to travel, the more expensive the shipping costs will be and this should be factored into your final cost, which can make the purchase of a used slide not as cost effective as originally thought. Additionally, if the slide is coming from a cold-weather location and was stored outside, it most likely has experienced more wear and tear than a slide in a warmer climate or one that was kept indoors. 

Is it Worth It?

Even if the initial cost of buying used seems cheaper, there are often other additional costs that increase the price so that it may not make a difference between buying new or used. If you have to pay shipping fees or replace parts this may be the case. 

Either way, once you have located a possible slide for purchase, be sure to inspect it thoroughly to ensure that it is structurally sound and functional. If you purchase the slide, create an inventory checklist and make note of how you disassembled it to help in the process of putting it back together at your pool.

Making sure that your slide is a safe and solid purchase is important. Dilligently research any purchase thoroughly before committing to make sure you get the best possible slide for your family’s swimming pool.

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