Useful Tips on Building a Mud Shower Pan Useful Tips on Building a Mud Shower Pan

A mud shower pan base is a traditional method of fitting a shower, and the method is making a recent comeback. These bases are built on the site where the shower will be installed, making it appealing to those who wish to keep their lifestyle as natural as possible.

Building a Mud Shower Pan

The work behind creating a mud pan base is usually very messy. The mud must be mixed to exactly the right consistency and endurance; otherwise, it will not form a solid shower pan base, causing leaks and other problems. Getting the consistency right is quite difficult. It often requires the assistance of a professional.

Adding to the Base

Once the mud has been installed and is as solid as possible, fit an outer layer of tile. Lay each of these tiles as precisely as possible, then add a layer of caulking to every gap.

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