Using a Bagless Vacuum on Cat Litter

A bagless vacuum.

No matter the fancy type of litter box, your cat will always manage to get a bunch of the litter on the floor, or even worse, your carpet, that you’ll be inclined to clean with your bagless vacuum or broom. Merely sweeping it from a hardwood floor isn’t efficient because small dust is often left behind and getting it from the cracks is pretty hard to do. Vacuuming the cat litter sounds really efficient, but is it recommended to vacuum cat litter with a bagless vacuum? Well, some vacuum experts say no and some say it wouldn’t be a problem.

The Problem with Vacuuming Cat Litter

The problem is the hard particles that can do some real damage to your precious machine that keeps your home clean. This is especially true with bagless vacuum cleaners that move debris through the fan. The blades and the hosing can get scratched and weakened and will need to be replaced after repeatedly cleaning the feline’s messy bathroom habits.

Another problem is the smell. While there are tips and tricks to remove smells from a vacuum cleaner, cat litter is a pretty powerful smell that penetrates materials and stays for a long time. Without the proper precautions, vacuuming kitty litter with a vacuum will cause it to smell like litter every time you use it.

Wet kitty litter becomes like cement when it dries. Not only can it damage the vacuum cleaner but getting the smell out will be next to impossible.

Use a Hose Attachment

You don’t want kitty litter to run through the brush of your vacuum.

Use the Right Kind of Vacuum

It’s better to avoid upright vacuums and use a cordless vacuum.

Empty and Clean Canister Quickly

Empty and clean the soiled canister as soon as you are finished vacuuming the kitty litter. If you used a hose then clean that too.

Consider a Dedicated Vacuum

Consider dedicating a vacuum specifically for kitty litter. This may be a necessary investment for the cat that you love. It doesn’t have to be a $1,000 machine. You can always use the bagless vacuum that’s dedicated to picking up the bulk of the kitty litter while using your more expensive vacuum to finish the job of getting the finer particles not seen with the naked eye.

Broom/Vacuum Combo

You may want to consider doing a broom/vacuum combination. This is especially important if the cat litter is badly soiled. The broom won’t get all of the cat litter but it will get all the junk that will stink up your vacuum. The rest can then be vacuumed.

Be Careful what You Vacuum

Try not to vacuum up the cat. This only leads to trouble and is not something that can easily be explained. More seriously, be aware of heavily soiled cat litter. Use your common sense; there are things that just should never be cleaned with a vacuum.