Using a Bead Blaster to Brighten Grout Color Using a Bead Blaster to Brighten Grout Color

What You'll Need
Clean rags
Plastic sheets
Work gloves
Face mask
Ear protection
Bead blaster
Small plastic beads
Air compressor
Masking tape

A bead blaster is a tool that is used to refinish many kinds of surfaces using tiny glass beads. The beads are non-toxic and completely safe. A bead blaster is a gun that propels the beads at a high velocity against the surface. The friction caused by the beads will remove paint, rust and even fungus. The primary purpose of using a bead blaster is to give a surface new life. Grout can even be brightened by using a bead blaster. The article that follows will show you how to use a bead blaster to return your grout back to its original brilliance.

Step 1 – Prepare the Area

Removing dirt from grout is conducted in a small area so it needs to be prepared to not only protect yourself but the space. First, place plastic sheeting over any glass surfaces like a mirror or cabinet. Tape it down. Place the plastic sheet over the floor, tub, sink or other area where you do not want use the bead blaster. Place a stopper in any drain holes as well. Wipe down the surfaces to ensure they are completely dry. You can also tape up the bottom of a door if one is present.

Step 2 – Safety

There are some safety concerns that you should observe when using a bead blaster. Wear jeans and a sweater to protect your body from the beads. Wear a face mask, hat and eye protection as well as gloves to protect the rest of your body.

Step 3 – Prepare the Bead Blaster

The bead blaster uses compressed air as a mean to propel the beads. Make sure all of the valves are closed on bother the bead blaster and the air compressor. You will have 2 hoses. Connect one from the media tank to the bead blaster and the other from the air compressor to the media tank. Choose a small plastic bead as glass could damage the tile. Open the media canister and pour the beads inside of it up to the line. Once the beads are in the canister, pull the tab to seal it and make the canister airtight.

Step 4 – Clean the Grout

Set the PSI to 30 and then turn on the air compressor. To begin cleaning the grout you will need to open the air valve on the nozzle of the bead blaster. Aim the stream of beads at the grout. Move the bead blaster slowly around the area. Once the canister is empty, close the valve on the nozzle and then turn off the air compressor. Sweep up the beads into a pile and then suck them up with the vacuum. Refill the canister with the beads. Mix 1 cup of bleach with 1 gallon of water, wipe down the wall with a sponge. Dry the wall. Repeat this step as needed until the grout is bright white. Always finish with cleaning the grout with the bleach water.

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