Using a Biscuit Cutter Using a Biscuit Cutter

What You'll Need
Router tool
Biscuit cutter

In order to create specific shapes when completing woodwork projects, you will find that a biscuit cutter can prove useful. Knowing how to use the cutter in the correct manner will ensure that you get the right design, as required.

Step 1 – Position

Decide on the design that you want to create with the wood and choose the appropriate biscuit cutter for the purpose. Create interlocking designs, where desired, by aligning the cutter correctly to ensure that you obtain the necessary fit.

Step 2 – Outline  

Draw an outline of the biscuit cutter with a pencil once it has been placed in the correct position. Complete the outline around the cutter entirely before starting the next one in the event that you are using it several times. Use a soft pencil and draw along the inner edge of the biscuit cutter to ensure a uniform result that is clear to follow.      

Step 3 – Cut

Cut the design out with the router or the saw once the design has been complete using the biscuit cutter. Ensure the line is kept in view while cutting and, if possible, remain closer to the outer edge to make mistakes easier to tidy.

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