Using a Brake Flaring Tool

What You'll Need
Brake pipe
Brake flaring tool
Safety gloves
Safety glasses

When you are refitting your brake pipes, a brake flaring tool can help you to get a better connection. These tools are used to help you widen or enlarge the end of your brake tube, allowing you to connect the brake system more fully. This will give you a better, tighter fit which will ensure that you have the best of your refit. The brake flaring tool is made up of 2 parts, one the flaring bar which will hold the brake tube, and the other cone-shaped piece, which is used to slightly widen the mouth of the brake tube. Using this tool is not difficult, and it can help you to get a good fit on your new brake pipe.

Step 1 - Preparation

Make sure that you turn off the car engine, and allow it to cool down. This will prevent the exhaust from being too warm to touch. You should then either raise up the back of the car using a lift or jacks, or you could lie down next to the pipe. Wearing protective clothing, such as an old boiler suit, will prevent your clothes from getting dirty. You should also wear eye protecting, and use heavy-duty gloves.

Step 2 - Inserting the Brake Flaring Tool

Take the flaring tool, and place it so that the cone side is facing towards your brake pipe. You should then take your replacement brake pipe, and push it through the holes in your flaring bar until you get to the right size. You should then turn the attachment until your cone is the right length for the brake pipe you will be using. Turn the bar until it is tight against the side of the pipe.

Step 3 - Flaring the Brake Pipe

Push the cone side of the flaring tool into the brake pipe. Your brake flaring tool may have a  crank which pushes the cone into the pipe, or you may have to do this manually. Tighten the tool gradually into place, pushing it into the brake pipe. You need to do this gradually, as moving the cone too quickly will damage the pipe. Push the cone into place until you are satisfied that the pipe is wide enough for the rest of the brake system.

Step 4 - Removing the Tool

Take your cone out of the brake pipe as carefully as you pushed it in. You should then remove the flaring cone side from the bar, and start to remove the bar. As you are taking off the brake flaring tool, check that the brake pipe has been extended to a satisfactory length. The pipe should be round, and central to the bar. Check for any cracks or damage. The flaring bar should lift off very easily once you have loosened the nut. Be careful not to pull too sharply, as this can cause more damage.