Using a Clapper With a Ceiling Fan Light

A ceiling fan light is a great way to add extra lighting to a room in an efficient manner. A wall switch or pull chain is the most common way to control a ceiling fan. Remote controls are also becoming more and more popular. However, have you ever considered using a clapper to control the lights on your ceiling fan?

Using a Clapper

Using a clapper to control the light of a ceiling fan is a great way to make your ceiling fan even more convenient. Controlling it from a distance with a clapper is also a good idea for people with health issues who don't want to get up out of bed or their seats just to adjust the ceiling fan light.


It is possible to install a clapper and connect it to a ceiling fan light. Simply follow the manufacturer's instructions that come with the clapper device. The installation should be similar to installing a clapper with a regular light fixture.

Once the clapper is installed, all you have to do is clap your hands when you want to turn the light fixture on the ceiling fan on and off.

This is not the most common way to control the light on a ceiling fan, but it is the most convenient way. This method is especially handy if you have a ceiling fan installed on a high or vaulted ceiling. This type of ceiling fan is difficult to reach and is best controlled with a remote control or clapper.