Using a Concrete Mixer: 12-Tips

A concrete mixer is a better alternative to mixing concrete if you need more than a few shovel fulls for a job. Using a mixer isn't difficult if you follow these tips:

Tips For Using A Concrete Mixer

  • Place the mixer as close to your project as possible
  • Use gloves and safety equpimpent, concrete is acidic and even the dust can burn your hands, eyes and clothes
  • Site your mixer on a solid surface or on a piece of plywood, never on wet or damp ground
  • Have your area measurements at hand when ordering ballast and concrete to double-check with the supplier about what you need
  • Have a "secondary" project in mind for leftover concrete (you will have some left over)
  • Start the mixer before you load it and keep it running until it is empty
  • Keep the drum at a 45-degree angle
  • Water is your most critical element, add it slowly and use it sparingly
  • Add half the ballast you need, then add a little water and allow it to mix for several minutes before adding your concrete
  • A perfect mix runs part-way up the side of the drum and falls back into the mix
  • Clean out all the concrete from the mixer immediately after using
  • Put 3-4 halves of house bricks into the mixer with water and allow to it to "mix" for 10-15 minutes to help clean out mixer