Using a Garbage Disposal with a Septic Tank

A garbage disposal works effectively with a septic tank when it is the correct size and adequate amount of water is used in the system. Waste in septic tanks is broken down by bacteria. Avoid using small quantities of water as this leads to common problems associated with the disposers, such as accumulation of sludge and slow rate of decay. Regular maintenance and inspection of the disposal system makes it function efficiently.

Taking Care of Waste

Allow the waste to sit in the septic tank long enough so that it can decay properly. If the waste particles are not broken down correctly it becomes sludge. This results to accumulation of waste in the tank which takes up more capacity than it is necessary. To avoid this, make sure that there is adequate amount of water to encourage decomposition. Take care not to fill the tank beyond its capacity.

Sort Waste

The reason why waste turns into sludge is because of the presence of solid matter such as tins, clothes, nylon papers, wood etc. It is advisable to sort through the waste before emptying it in a septic tank.

Avoid Using Additives

Putting additives in the system can interfere with the functions of the bacteria and even kill them. Some of the products are harmful to the life mechanisms of the system. Using them can degrade the quality of the garbage disposal and septic tank.