Using A Gas Weed Eater: 3 Tips

person using a weed eater
  • 1-40 hours
  • Beginner
  • 50-250

Using a gas weed eater allows you the opportunity to put the finishing touches on your yard maintenance. Here are some helpful tips to consider when using your gas weed eater.

1. Storage

Always store your gas weed eater with the handle at the top. It is not necessary to drain the gasoline from the weed eater gas tank, but make sure when placing it up for storage that you wipe the machine down carefully before either hanging it by the handle or placing against a wall.

2. Always Prime

Before starting your gas weed eater, always prime the motor by depressing the priming bulb which is normally a little black rubber button. Some new models do not need priming and do not have a choke.

3. Safety First

Most gas weed eaters use nylon string in a spinning action to cut hard-to-reach areas in your yard. This spinning action throws out a lot of debris, so it is imperative for any operator to wear safety goggles. It is also important to wear long pants and a long-sleeved shirt. Never operate a gas weed eater wearing shorts or open-toed shoes.

Use a sweeping motion side to side when operating your gas weed eater to gain uniform cutting results.