Using a Green Drain Cleaner in Your Home

If it were not for drain cleaner life at the sink would be much more difficult. Cleaning your drain would be the kind of thing you’d absolutely have to call a professional for whereas most problems are caused by clogs that can easily be dealt with using a good drain cleaning solution. Unfortunately, whatever you pour down your sink will eventually end up in the ocean and conventional drain cleaning products are chalk full of chemicals that could possibly harm anything living in the ocean. A green drain cleaner is a product that uses alternative, harmless chemicals to do the same job a conventional drain cleaner would do.

Why Bother?

In most cases, green products will cost a bit more than their conventional counterparts. While it can be quite important to save money where you can, green products are worth the extra money. There is only so much pollution our oceans can take so while using a green drain cleaner may seem trivial and too small to help, anytime you pour something harmful into our oceans you are doing yourself and those you care about harm that could very easily have been prevented. When it comes down to it there really is no reason to not use a green drain cleaner.

Conventional Drain Cleaner

One of the main ingredients in the majority of conventional home drain cleaners is sodium hydroxide, a man made chemical known for its ability to corrode things. Because of this it can be very harmful if it comes in contact with your skin. If you get it in your eyes you could possibly go blind and ingesting it could cause anything from throwing up to severe pain to possible death, if enough is ingested.

Alternative Methods

In case you don’t want to spend the little bit of extra money for a green product there are a few alternative drain cleaning methods that may be all you need. First, if you can get your hands on a drain snake you may be able to clear the clogged up path that way. You can even use a plunger to try clearing your pipes; just make sure you clean it thoroughly before hand if you regularly use it for your toilet. If neither of those methods does the trick for you there is one very simply home remedy for a clogged drain. Grab about a handful of baking soda and pour it down your drain with a half cup of vinegar. Quickly follow this by dumping boiling hot water down the drain. The chemical reaction caused by the three mixing together works just as well as commercial drain cleaner, costs far less and is also safe for the environment.

In closing, there are a few reasons not to use conventional drain cleaner, the environment being the most important of those reasons. It is up to us to ensure the earth is still around for future generations and using a green drain cleaner is one small way you can contribute to this collective goal.