Using a Grout Scraper on Tile

A man wipes grout.

Removing grout from tile can be a difficult task. It is easier if you use a quality scraper with a carbide tip. The grout scraper looks much like a flat screwdriver. However, the head of the grout scraper has a triangular shape. These scrapers can be purchased at your local hardware or home improvement store and will usually cost about $10 each.


It is important to protect your tiles and your health while you are working. Be sure to lay down a drop cloth while you are working near your shower or tub to protect the tile work. Be sure to put on protective eyewear and a dust mask before you begin to remove the grout.

Using the Grout Scraper

Use the tip of the scraper and carefully apply firm pressure along the center the grout line, producing a narrow ridge. Move the scraper slowly and carefully. An accidental slip could cause a scratch on the tile. Go back and carefully widen the ridge down the grout line. The scraper should remove most of the grout. Be careful not to work too close to the edge of the tile. This could cause the tile edge to crack or chip.