Using a Hardwood Floor Nailer

What You'll Need
Hardwood Flooring
Hardwood floor nailer
Face nailing shoes
Rubber head mallet or hammer

A hardwood floor nailer is just one of the many tools that make home improvement projects easier for pros and novices alike. Initially it takes a little practice to use efficiently. Hardwood floor nailers can be bought in most hardware supplies stores or they can be rented for one-time use. Whatever way you acquire your hardwood floor nailer, make sure that you acquaint yourself with the following steps:

Step 1 – Lay Your Flooring Materials

Get to the corner that is along the wall. Lay out the first strip of your hardwood flooring in this area. Line the strips in a straight line. Form a right angle somewhere in the corner.

Step 2 – Place the Nails on Your Hardwood Floor Nailer

Put a face nailing shoe on your hardwood nailer. Brace the nailer against the wall or the floor you are fixing. Use the rubber hammer to hit the hardwood nailer’s ram and drive the nails into the strip of the wood. Remember to always check the placement of the strip of flooring before ramming in the hardwood nailer.

Step 3 – Ram Nails to the Floor Strip

Place nails within 10 to 12 inches apart. Ram in nails as many as the strip needed. Check if it is sturdy enough before putting on the next strip of flooring.

Step 4 – Nail Down the Second Strip of Flooring

Get the next strip to be lined up. To make sure that the strips are tightly placed side by side, lightly tap its outer side with the use of the rubber hammer. Again, place nailer shoe onto your hardwood floor nailer. Ram the nail at the tongue of the second strip of flooring. Make sure that you limit the spaces between nails from one to three inches. Give the hardwood floor nailer a joist to make sure that the nail drives through the tongue and floor.

Step 5 – Lay Down the Succeeding Strips

Repeat the process in step four until you have laid out all of the hardwood floor strips to the other side of the room. Make sure that you tap the tongues of the hardwood strips before ramming the nails from the hardwood floor nailer. Skipping the said step would result to the creation of slits in between hardwood floor strips which you have to repair.

Step 6 – Apply Putty on the Face of Every Nail

Once you have rammed in the nails for the last strip, start walking down to your starting point. Inspect all strips to see if there is anything that needs repair. After that, clean off dusts and other similar particles on the wood. It might be best to wipe it with a clean rug or use a broom or vacuum to remove debris. Get a putty of the same color as your floor. Apply this finishing on top of every nail that you have placed.