Using a Lathe Drill Press Correctly Using a Lathe Drill Press Correctly

What You'll Need
Protective eyewear
Manufacturers directions
Scrap wood

Using a lathe drill press correctly is easy to do with the proper instructions. Before using and setting up your drill press, read all manufacturer instructions completely. During operation of the drill press wear protective eyewear for safety.

Step 1 - Test for Level

When using a lathe drill press for the first time test the table to ensure that it is level. The best way to test the table is by securing a piece of scrap wood to the table and drill a hole directly into the center of the wood. If the table is level this should create a 90 degree hole in the wood. If the hole is off adjust the table as needed and repeat the test.

Step 2 - Depth Stops

Before beginning any project you always want to set depth stops to prevent damage to the table and to the wood being worked. On most drill presses the depth stop can be set before starting. Mark the desired depth on a piece of wood, bring your drill bit down to that mark and set the depth stop based on that measurement. Drill a test piece before starting your project.

Following these steps can make it much easier to use your drill press. Most common questions about the operation of your lathe drill press can be found in the user manual as well.

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