Using a Nail Puller Using a Nail Puller

What You'll Need
Nail Puller

If you need to take down a drywall, or a wooden frame, then you may want to use a nail puller. This tool is similar to a pry bar or the claw on the back of a hammer. You can use the nail puller to remove nails from the wall before you attempt to take down walls.

Step 1 - Clear the Wall

Before you start doing any kind of nail pulling, you should take off any protruding wood or molding. Use the back of a hammer to take off the wood, exposing the nails completely. You don't want to get the nail puller trapping wood, as this could damage the tool. When you have taken off the protruding wood, you should make sure that you remove any debris and material which could interfere with your extraction of the nails.

Step 2 - Start to Extract Nails

Take the nail puller and place it against the first nail. Pull down the notch shaped like a V until it is in contact with the nail, then slide it over the nail head. You should then depress the handle of the nail puller until it draws out the nail.

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