Using a Paring Knife Properly

The paring knife is the smallest knife in your set and it resembles a miniature chef's knife. Its use is to peel fruits and vegetables and also to slice small and soft items like a kiwi or a strawberry. Using the paring knife properly is important and the article below will explain how.

Holding the Paring Knife

The way that the paring knife is held is important to its use and your safety. Grip the blade with the fingers of your dominant hand with a firm grip that still allows some movement. Hold it with the blade is facing you and leave your thumb free.

Holding the Item

How you handle the item being cut is just as important as how you hold the paring knife. Hold the item firm in your other hand so that it is resting in your palm or, if the item is too small, by your finger tips.

Peeling with the Paring Knife

Using the paring knife effectively takes some practice, as it will initially feel somewhat awkward. As you are holding the item to be peeled, press the blade of the paring knife on the surface. Rest the thumb of your knife hand on the item. Slowly drag the blade over the surface toward your thumb, while your off hand rotates the item.