Using a PEX Crimp Tool Using a PEX Crimp Tool

What You'll Need
PEX Pipes
PEX fittings
Crimp Rings
PEX crimp tool

If you want to fit some PEX tubing, then you will need to know how to use a PEX crimp tool. These tools are designed to be used with PEX fittings and crimping rings, and you can easily use this to secure the fittings on your PEX pipes. When you are using the PEX crimping tool, you need to fit the pieces together tightly before application, or it can ruin the pipes.

Step 1 - Prepare the PEX Pipes

Take your PEX pipe, and place the fitting onto the end. You may need to cut down the pipe to the right size. When you have done this, put the fitting at the end, pushing the crimp ring over the end of the tubing as you do so. Push the fitting as far into the pipe as you can, and the ring should be about 1/8 inch from the end.

Step 2 - Use the Crimper

Take the PEX crimp tool, and place it over the ring. Open the jaws of the tool, and slide them over the crimp ring. Press the PEX crimp tool handles together to crush the crimp ring.


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