Using a Protector Plate to Protect Wires in Your Walls

  • 1-2 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 10-100
What You'll Need
Wire protector plate

One of the most important parts of installing wiring in your home is to include the use of a protector plate. This protector plate is important for keeping any screws and nails from puncturing the wires and causing shorts or fires. They are relatively simple to use and install. Here are some steps to take when working with protector plates.

Step 1: Prepare Opening

When installing wiring for a new electrical outlet, or new light fixture, you will need to cut out some portions of the wall to help fish the wire around the studs. These access holes should be large enough to get the wire through the stud by drilling a hole.

Step 2: Install Protector Plate

A protector plate goes over the area where the wire is near the wall stud. This plate can be pushed into the stud with clips or secured with screws. The best application is for the protector plate to be screwed into the side of the stud so it does not fall out.

Step 3: Thread Wire through Plate

Once the plate is over the stud, the electrical wire can be fished through the opening in the plate. It will then go through the stud. To keep your wire completely protected, you must complete this process through each stud that the wire goes through.