Using a Right Angle Drill Using a Right Angle Drill

What You'll Need
Right angle drill
Tape measure

There are a number of locations in which fasteners can be required, including awkward spaces that will make a right angle drill handy. Understanding the best process for using the drill will ensure that you achieve the result that you need.

Step 1 – Prepare  

Start by marking the location where you intend to drill with the help of a tape measure, which will ensure that the dimensions are precise. The right angle drill will also need to be prepared before it is used, which will include inserting the correct drill bit for the task; make sure that it is suitable for the material you intend to drill.   

Step 2 – Drill  

Hold the right angle drill in one hand while aligning it to point where you intend it drill. Press it firmly to the surface and pull the trigger with the other hand. Work the drill bit into the surface to the desired depth, holding the drill steady. Withdraw the drill before switching it off.     

Step 3 – Test  

Check whether the drilled hole is sufficient by testing whether the screw or dowel fits to the correct depth. If not, repeat the process with the right angle drill.

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