Using a Seamless Gutter Machine

A gutter.

A seamless gutter machine produces gutters that are easy to move to a job site without the need of joining smaller pieces to form the gutter. The absence or reduction of seams reduces the chance for leaks to occur. Seamless gutters are also more attractive, increasing the home's aesthetic appeal and value for resale.

Coil Stock

Seamless gutters are made with a coil stock that is a roll of aluminum used to fabricate the gutters. The coil stock is fed into a machine that produces a long coil of gutters that can be several hundred feet long. The length of coil stock that is fed into the machine determines the length of the gutter produced.

Types of Seamless Gutters Produced

Seamless gutters are produced with either aluminum or copper. The machine uses rollers and a brake system that produces the bends and folds in the gutters. The rollers make dents in the metal for bending and the brakes create the angle folds.

As the coil stock completes the fabrication through the gutter machine, caps are attached to the ends, and holes are cut to allow for the addition of the downspouts when the gutter is installed at the job site. This process allows the production of a seamless gutter that can be custom fit and installed.