Using a Steel Chop Saw: 5 Tips

A steel chop saw is a useful tool, so make sure that you are using it to its best advantage.

Protective Clothing

Always wear face protection or goggles. Don’t wear clothes that flap about and could get trapped in the steel cutting saw. Protect your feet with strong boots or shoes. Wear ear defenders.

Cutting Flat Bar

The saw can handle flat bar far easier if it has the shortest length of cut. Cut across the thin section of the bar.

Too Much Pressure

The metal cutting saw won’t work any faster if you put extra pressure on it. All pressure will achieve is to slow down the motor and grind away at the blade. Let the weight of the machine do the work.

Clean the Blade Guard

The blade spins at a high number of revs so it impacts the cut residue in the blade guard. With the machine switched off, give the guard a whack with a hammer. This will shake off the build up and prevent it falling off while the machine is working.

Spark Guard

If you are using the saw on a concrete floor, put a protective sheet of hardboard down to stop the sparks marking the floor.