Using a Table Saw to Cut Angles

A table saw is a useful tool to have in your workshop. It can perform a variety of cuts and be adjusted to complete just about any type of wood working project. Its versatility extends to making angles by making some adjustments to the blade and table to ensure that the proper angle cut is achieved.

Set up the Jig Attachment

To create different angles for cutting on the table saw, attach a jig assembly to the table saw guide. This will give you a reference angle from which to work from when guiding the wood against the blade. A jig attachment is a common accessory that can be purchased at a home improvement center or hardware store.

Make a Jig

A jig is simply a guide used to aid the cut. If you do not have a jig attachment, make one from scrap wood. The homemade jig can be cut to mimic a professionally made jig and provide a reference for cutting.

With the jig in place, simply adjust the blade and make your angle cut as needed. This adjustment will allow you to streamline your cuts and not have to worry about managing multiple machines during your woodworking projects.