Using A Wet Saw: Basic Things To Remember

A wet saw is used to cut tile, stone or clay, along with other hard objects. Wet saws are not all created equal, and you will want to make sure that you have the correct one for the job.  A wet tile saw will not do the same job as a wet saw used for cutting granite.

Plenty of Clean Water

Make sure that you keep your wet saw full of clean water. The water helps to keep the tile cool, and it also keeps the dust down that would be normally be created with a dry cut. You will want to keep the water clean as well. Clean water will do its job more effectively. The water will collect small particles of tile and dust in it, and the water can become a hazard to the tool operator by flinging the particles in the air. These particles can cause small cuts.

Sharp Blade

A sharp blade does many of the things that using clean water does. A sharp blade will also keep the cuts accurate and free of chips. You are more likely to get cracked tiles and uneven cuts with a dull blade versus a sharp blade.

Slow Feed

Don't ever force the tile through the wet saw. Let it feed slowly through the saw. The blade will help to grab the tile, and you just need to gently guide it through the entire cut. There is no need to push the tile through forcefully, because this will cause a greater chance of breaking and chipping it.

Use the Provided Guide

In order to make the cuts accurate, mark the tile with a pencil and use the provided guide on the wet saw. You can set the guide to help you with most any cut, and marking the tile serves as a guide. This way you'll know the saw is doing the cut at the correct measurement.

Use Protective Equipment

You need to be sure to use protective equipment to keep yourself safe. Ear protection, rubber gloves and safety glasses will keep any flying tile chips from cutting  you. Prolonged use of a loud object like the wet saw can cause hearing loss over time, so be sure to use your hearing protection.

Use the Correct Wet Saw for the Job

Wet saws are made in many different shapes and sizes, and made for use on different types of materials. Before you start your project, make sure that you have the right saw for the job.

A wet saw when used correctly can be a very safe and efficient tool. They're available in smaller sizes for use in your home, as well as large and commercially produced for use on large projects and contract jobs. Read the safety precautions on the saw you use and be aware of any warnings or restrictions. A wet saw can make your next tile project more accurate and beautiful, with precision cuts and accuracy.